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Madelyn and Logan were both born in Holland, Michigan and are only 4 days apart! In writing, recording, and performing together since the age of 14, they have created a music youtube channel and began releasing original content on Spotify in 2018.   "Purple," their first single released on May 21, 2018, was recorded with the band The Fever Haze.  Their second single, "Wish We Could Have Known," went live on August 8, 2018.  Exactly one year later in the summer of 2019, Madelyn and Logan released their first EP, "By My Side."  This EP features three original tracks that utilize guitar, piano, and electronic components. Their release on June 12th is a cover of "Older Than I Am," a song originally written and sang by Lennon Stella.  This version of the song showcases a different side to their music, providing contrast in its heartfelt, ballad nature. 


On September 25, they released their latest EP entitled "Sympathy." The five tracks all incorporate electronic as well as acoustic elements to create a well rounded selection of modern pop-style tracks.

Their latest release, "Sympathy - Acoustic," is a single they released for a University of Michigan club showcase. It features solely sounds created using a guitar, snaps, and, of course, Madelyn's stunning vocals.

Madelyn is currently pursuing a BBA in Marketing and a minor in nonprofit administration at Grand Valley State University.  She plans to continue pursuing music in addition to her degree.  Logan currently attends the University of Michigan as a member of Performing Arts Technology program as well as a part of the College of Engineering, pursuing a career in music and recording.

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